New album “DRAGON” released 17th June 2007 with a gig at Hootenannys, Inverness.




01.    Dragon

02.    My Beautiful Love

03.    Lady Of Liberty

04.    Alpha Wolph

05.    Reflection

06.    Stolen Protection I

07.    Stolen Protection II

08.    Child

09.    The Cold Light Of Day

10.    Fly Alone

11.    The Power And The Glory

12.    Sonnet At Sunset



              Sally Brown:  Vocal, Keyboard

              Sandra Brown:  Vocal, Guitar

              Chil:  Drums and Percussion


                   Additional musicians:


              Alberto Vizcaino:  Guitar

              Terry Small:  Bass

              Jo Baird:  Cello, Keyboard

              Bruce MacGregor:  Fiddle

              David Brown:  Harmonica                      


..At the heart of Spangleshifters are two sisters, Sally and Sandra, and their best friend, Chil. S and S started

 writing songs about three years ago - an attempt to survive full-time motherhood?! - and over the past year

 we've been making some of them into our debut album, 'Dragon', which we've just completed.Playing live is

 our ultimate passion and we're always on the lookout for more places to play. Most of our livestuff has been

 in Inverness so far, but we've also done a couple of gigs in Edinburgh, to a very warm receptionfrom the

 residents of the nation's capital! We've had some great reviews - NeilFatea said "if the Proclaimers had

 ovaries they'd be Spangleshifters"! I don't know what the boys themselves think of that comparison, but we

 were pretty chuffed!!



Future gigs:-



16 Jul 2007      Cityjam Open Stage, Inverness

21 Jul 2007      Inverness Cityjam Music Marathon

22 Jul 2007      La Tortilla Asesina with Mark David Allison

29 Jul 2007      Kerbside Prophets, Hamiltons, Edinburgh

3 Aug 2007      The Loft, Three Sisters, Cowgate, Edinburgh

11 Aug 2007    Market Bar, Inverness

18 Aug 2007    The Bothy, Hootananny, Inverness





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